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Residential and Commercial Painting in Newcastle

Lime Painting takes pride in being a locally owned and operated business, with Ben and his father Guy at the helm. Our roots are deeply embedded in our local community, we understand the unique needs and nuances of the Newcastle, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, and the Hunter Valley areas. This connection allows us to provide a personalised touch and a commitment to the well-being of our community.


Generational Expertise

With more than 73 years of combined experience, Ben and Guy possesses a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations. This generational expertise ensures a level of skill and understanding that can only come from a long-standing commitment to the craft of painting.

Community-Focused Approach

As a family-operated business deeply rooted in our local community, Lime Painting takes a community-focused approach to our services. We understand the importance of building lasting relationships and contributing positively to the areas we serve. Our commitment goes beyond providing painting services; it's about being an integral part of the community we call home.

Heritage of Excellence

Lime Painting represent a heritage of excellence. Ben and his father Guy, have not only witnessed the evolution of the industry but have actively contributed to it through their dedication to quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and a strong work ethic. This heritage is reflected in every stroke of our brushes and the satisfaction of our clients.

Continual Commitment to Quality

Lime Painting's legacy of experience is not just a testament to the past but a continual commitment to quality in the present and future. Our team's wealth of knowledge is an asset that ensures each project is approached with a depth of understanding, skill, and a dedication to delivering painting services of the highest standard.

Comprehensive Painting Services

From Homes to Businesses

Lime Painting’s expansive service areas underscore our commitment to being a premier painting company accessible to communities across Newcastle, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, and the Hunter Valley, ensuring that our expert painting services reach and elevate properties throughout this diverse and vibrant region.

Residential Painting

Lime Painting specialises in providing top-notch residential painting services in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, and the Hunter Valley areas. Our experienced team understands the importance of transforming your home into a space that reflects your style and personality. Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or give your entire home a new look, we offer a comprehensive range of residential painting services. From selecting the perfect colour palette to ensuring precise and flawless application, our experts are dedicated to delivering high-quality results that enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Lime Painting specialises in exterior residential painting services.
Interior residential painting services tailored to your preferences.
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Commercial Painting

At Lime Painting, we extend our expertise to meet the unique needs of commercial clients in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, and the Hunter Valley regions.

Our commercial painting services are tailored to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business premises while maintaining durability and longevity. We understand the significance of creating a positive first impression for your clients and customers.

With a focus on expert workmanship and timely project completion, our team ensures minimal disruption to your business operations. Whether it’s an office space, retail establishment, or industrial facility, Lime Painting is committed to delivering professional and reliable commercial painting solutions.

New Build Painting Services

Lime Painting stands as a premier partner for new builds, forging strong collaborations with esteemed builders in the vibrant landscape of  Newcastle, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, and the Hunter Valley regions. Our extensive history of working alongside top-tier construction professionals sets us apart, and we take pride in seamlessly integrating our expertise into both renovations and entire house constructions.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence extends prominently to new builds, where the artistry of our painting process becomes an integral part of the overall project timeline. Lime Painting recognises the pivotal role that a polished finish plays in complementing the architectural vision of new constructions. With precision and dedication, our team navigates the unique requirements of each project, ensuring a seamless and timely completion without compromising on the paramount quality of our work.

Whether it’s a residential development or a commercial property gracing the landscape of Newcastle, Lime Painting remains steadfast in its dedication to contributing to the resounding success of new builds. Our expert painting services are not merely a layer of colour; they are a harmonious blend of skill, aesthetic understanding, and a commitment to enhancing the visual appeal of every property we touch. As a trusted partner in the Newcastle construction ecosystem, Lime Painting takes pride in elevating new builds to new heights of sophistication and visual allure.

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a building with a garage and a balcony

Strata Living Painting

Lime Painting transcends the conventional scope of individual homes and businesses by offering a specialised strata maintenance service that exemplifies professionalism and a thoughtful approach. Our commitment to enhancing the visual aesthetics and structural integrity of shared spaces sets us apart as a trusted partner in strata property maintenance.

Recognising the unique needs inherent in strata properties, Lime Painting provides comprehensive painting solutions tailored to the specific requirements of communal living. Our dedication goes beyond mere aesthetics; we prioritise the longevity and resilience of shared spaces, ensuring a lasting impact that contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

In our strata maintenance service, kindness and consideration are the cornerstones of our approach. We understand the significance of positive interactions within a community, and this understanding is reflected in every brushstroke. Lime Painting works in close collaboration with strata managers and residents, fostering transparent communication to ensure that our painting services cause minimal disruption while consistently delivering high-quality results.

From revitalising common areas to meticulously attending to individual units, our team is adept at handling the diverse painting requirements of strata properties. Lime Painting is committed to creating and maintaining a well-kept, visually appealing living environment for all residents. Our expertise extends beyond paint application; it is a holistic approach to strata maintenance that encompasses durability, aesthetics, and a commitment to fostering positive communal experiences.

As a trusted partner in strata property maintenance, Lime Painting strives to be the go-to choice for communities seeking not just a painting service, but a comprehensive solution that elevates the overall living experience for all residents.

Painting Maintenance

Lime Painting takes pride in its specialised restoration painting services, drawing on over 73 years of industry experience. We understand the intricacies involved in restoring historical or aging properties to their former glory. Our restoration painting experts are equipped with the skills and knowledge to address unique challenges such as surface damage, weathering, and architectural intricacies.

Using quality products and a meticulous approach, we work to preserve the integrity of historical structures while enhancing their visual appeal. Whether it’s a heritage home or a commercial building with historical significance, Lime Painting is dedicated to delivering restoration painting that respects the past while ensuring a vibrant future.

Keeping up with  maintenance to your property is important and adds values to your house.

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Colour Consult

Choosing the right colour scheme is a crucial aspect of any painting project, and at Lime Painting, we understand the impact it can have on the overall aesthetics of your space. To assist our clients in making informed decisions, we provide a valuable service – a free in-person colour consultation.

Our experienced professionals will meet with you on-site to discuss your vision, understand your preferences, and offer expert advice on colour combinations that align with your style and the purpose of the space. Whether it’s for a commercial project in Newcastle, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, and the Hunter Valley or beyond, our colour consultation service ensures that the result not only enhances the visual appeal of your property but also reflects your brand identity.

Lime Painting is dedicated to creating a seamless and personalised experience, from colour selection to the completion of your painting project.

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What Our Clients Say

Discover the Satisfaction of Lime Painting

Gary Collyer
Gary Collyer
Ben and his crew from Lime Painting have just recently finished painting the outside of our home at Murrays Beach, we contacted Ben as a referral from another satisfied client. From the first phone call - to the survey - the quote and then doing the job, Ben and his crew proved what I had been told about is professionalism and standard of work. We couldn't be happier - and cannot recommend Ben and Lime Painting highly enough. Do not hesitate to try Lime. We wish Ben every success for the future of his business.
Tyler Coleman
Tyler Coleman
Highly recommend Ben and the team at Lime Painting. It was a mammoth task to paint the entire interior of our new house with little notice and a tight timeframe. Ben made us feel like nothing was a problem and went above and beyond to ensure the job was completed on time. His team punctual, polite and skilled. We cannot thank you enough!
Lee Fry
Lee Fry
Ben and his team were courteous, prompt and true to their word. Nothing was too much trouble and their communication was excellent. I would be very happy to use Lime Painting again in a commercial or residential capacity and recommend them to any prospective client. Thanks Ben!
Catherine Conaghan
Catherine Conaghan
A huge task to paint my home outside from 4 different colours to one. Including deck and rails, then of course I had to top it off with requesting internals as well! Thank you so much for effort above and beyond! I am so appreciative! Much attention to detail, I couldn’t be happier with the job! Thanks Ben and team… so happy!
Cal Rowston
Cal Rowston
Ben and his team transformed our 90s red brick townhouse into a modern home. It’s a big space, and a lot of work, but the team were prompt, thorough, and good value. Will definitely be using these guys again.
Eleanor Britz
Eleanor Britz
The Lime team were fabulous! We are so grateful for their careful and efficient work. The team are responsive and professional, giving great advice. We highly recommend Ben and his team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries

The cost of our painting service depends on various factors such as the size of the project, the type of surfaces to be painted, and any specific requirements. We offer free consultations and estimates, so please contact us to discuss your project in detail and get an accurate quote.
Yes, Lime Painting is a fully licensed and insured painting company. We adhere to all industry regulations and carry comprehensive liability insurance to protect both our team and our clients.
We offer painting services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s a house, apartment, office, retail space, or any other type of property, we have the expertise to handle the job effectively.

Yes, we understand that choosing the right colours can be overwhelming. Our team of experts can provide colour consultation services to help you select the perfect shades for your space. We’ll take into consideration your preferences, existing decor, and overall ambiance you want to create.

The duration of a painting project depends on various factors such as the size of the area, the extent of preparation required, and weather conditions. We always aim to complete projects in a timely manner and will provide you with a clear timeline during the initial consultation.
Absolutely! We understand that your schedule may be busy and we strive to accommodate your needs. Our team is flexible and can work during evenings, weekends, or at a time that is convenient for you.
At Lime Painting, we believe in using high-quality materials to ensure a superior finish and durability. We work with trusted brands and use premium paints, primers, and finishes that stand the test of time.